ubuntu Virtualbox Spurious Attack Kernel Panic

Feb 1, 2014 00:00 · 232 words · 2 minute read Linux Ubuntu

I run a virtualized linux server on my Windows 2008 Server which I never usually have problems but this problem almost made me lose my mind so I want to share to hopefully help someone out there. It first started when I did a update to the OS. I rebooted and tried to get back into the OS but I got a “spurious ack / kernel panic” error. I thought this was really weird and didn’t understand what that even means. I tried to look around online for an answer but everything seemed convoluted and not applicable to my situation. I tried to boot into an older kernel just to see what would happen and it worked, one step closer. But then my next problem was I couldn’t update or upgrade anything, I kept getting errors on everything. I got lucky finally and came across a Helpful Website that was explaining the same errors I was suffering from and I finally figured it out. My boot folder was completely full causing all kinds of trouble. I cleaned out everything except for the three newest versions of kernel, just in case. I rebooted and selected the newest kernel and it worked like a charm. Sometimes the lingo that error messages use are much too complex, hopefully someone else out there finds this first before trying to decipher the cryptic language of error messages.