ASUS RT-N56U Router Review

Recently I had begun to loathe the generic garbage router that was provided to me by Shaw. Little features and poor performance can only be tolerated for so long before you start to go a little crazy. The worst part about replacing a router though is trying to find a new one. It pays off in the end to take the time to research which one you want and I definitely think this one is my new favorite.

I usually start off by checking out Small Net Builder to see which routers are coming out on top in their charts. The RT-N56U gave some pretty good results for it’s price so I thought I would start checking what people had to say about it elsewhere. I usually buy my gear from memory express so I checked out their Reviews for the RT-N56U and I was more than thrilled with the amount of positive response. I always hunt to the negative responses first though to see why anyone wouldn’t want the product and it turns out they weren’t clear on what was the problem with the router and unfounded which just makes me believe that the people writing them just aren’t computer savvy

Now for anyone else replacing their router with Shaw it should be noted that you can ask them to turn your old router into a modem for free. You just give them a call and they will push the firmware. After I got that setup I put the router in and I have never been so happy with a piece of equipment. The router setup was minimal and the options that come with the router are awesome. It does everything a common router can do such as port forwarding and static ip but I was really happy to see that they had adopted “no-ip” as one of their dynamic dns companies. I used to have to run the client on my linux server so this was a nice feature. The newest version of the router also have VPN which has been working awesome ever since I installed it. I turned the DHCP server off and do all the IP addresses on my windows 2008 server but I tried DHCP the router and both scenarios provided no complications, we have a wireless router at work that doesn’t work great with leasing IP addresses from our server which is why I mentioned that. The only issue I had with this router so far is the Samba sharing on a usb drive. I use a linux server to do this so I only tried to get it working for about 30 minutes before giving up and going with what I know works so it may very well work I just didn’t look into it. All in all though I would highly recommend this router to anyone looking to get a new one.